About Me

About the photographer
Hi, my name is Mark Tiller, I've been seriously interested in photography since I bought my first SLR, a MInolta X-300, in 1988. I've now gone digital and moved from Minolta to Sony after Sony bought them out.

I am now a Sony Advocate photographer and I do work for Sony on Occasion to promote their products. I regard this as a huge honor and I am happy to have their support.

I have written two articles on photographing wildlife in captivity and I hope to write more on the subject.

My favourite photographic subjects are predators, particularly Big Cats and Raptors. This is probably fairly obvious as you look through the site.

I have been interested in the natural world since childhood and this has grown into a huge passion. I partly want to document wildlife, but also to help preserve it. I support a number of charities in this field and where an image was taken at a particular saite, 25% of any profit from sales of that image go to the charity involved.


Mark Tiller